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The best-rated food businesses can benefit from a discount on food hygiene ratings insurance quotes at Just Quote Me. We’re offering all businesses with over three ratings for food hygiene a discount off their business insurance premium.

The food hygiene rating your business has is closely linked to its reputation. Picking up a single bad rating can damage your business’ chance of repeat custom. All businesses that sell food, from restaurants to pubs and cafes to hotels and even food shops, need a good reputation. Without this they cannot effectively trade and sell food.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) in England, Northern Ireland and Wales helps customers choose where to eat and where to shop for food with information about the hygiene standards they keep. Customers can make an informed decision on their next purchase or their next meal out. As a business in the food sector you want to be recognised for the right reasons and with good ratings you’ll attract a better standard of customer.

Get your Food Hygiene Ratings Insurance Discount Today

Food hygiene ratings in England, Northern Ireland and Wales go on a scale from zero to five. Five is the highest score you can get with zero the lowest. Food safety officers determine the food hygiene rating on three standards:

  1. Hygienic handling of food including preparation, cooking, reheating, cooling and storing
  2. Condition of the building: how clean is the building? They will check lay out, ventilation and lighting.
  3. Management and records: how the does the business manage and record food temperatures

Every food safety inspection will cover these areas. At the end, the food safety officer will give the owner or manager of the business a rating on the 0-5 scale. Finally, they will also make recommendations on how to improve and ensure a higher rating is possible next time.

All businesses awarded three ratings or higher can enjoy a 10% discount on their Food Hygiene Ratings Insurance with Just Quote Me. Simply mention JQM10 to the team member you speak to when getting your quote. Remember, we’ll need to see a copy of your ratings certificate to guarantee your discount.