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Landlord Insurance Quotes

If you are a landlord then you will most likely already know that you need to cover the risk of any potential loss resulting from your property letting activities. The problem is that there are a few barriers to obtaining this type of cover which you may or may not be aware of already.  At Just Quote Me we can help you Compare Landlord Insurance Quotes Online.

Being turned down for landlord insurance is really not what you want to hear when you are a busy property owner with many other things to worry about!  We have an online quote system for all your landlord insurance quotes – so why not try it out today or give us a call for FREE on 0800 084 2325.

Looking for Landlord Insurance but been refused insurance cover before?  See some of the reasons below…

The most obvious reason for being refused insurance will often be the simple fact that you were refused insurance in the past.

For businesses providing cover, this is of course a simple way for them to mitigate their risk, filtering out those potential new customers that have been deemed to be too high a risk in the past!

Should this be the case with your property then check the small print of the policy with your provider. You need to be certain that you do have insurance in place, whatever the case may be.

Is your rental property secure from break-ins?

You will often be asked when you are arranging property insurance about the type of locks that you have got installed in your front door. You may also be asked to guarantee that all of your properties windows can be locked with a key. Naturally, it is most sensible to fit locks to your doors and windows that comply with the highest security standards, for peace of mind if nothing else.

The thing is, you may not know that your insurance request may be declined if you do not comply with the relevant security standard that the Insurance provider has chosen to adhere to.

Again, check the policy detail to see exactly what the requirements actually are, do not just sign-up blindly to anything!

You should have put formal tenancy agreements in place

In this day and age, the vast majority of insurance companies will require their landlord customers to have signed formal tenancy agreements with their rental properties tenants. If you do not already have tenancy agreements in place then, again, check with your provider.

In certain cases, cover may still be possible, for example if you are renting to family or friends, but so check first.

Declared bankrupt or have a Credit history with CCJ’s (County Court Judgement’s)?

Should you have been declared bankrupt or had any CCJ’s issued against you, then you may find that it is not possible to arrange landlord cover. This however depends on the cover provider. It is still possible to arrange a policy. If in doubt, contact us today and we will explain exactly what is possible. 

Still a little confused about arranging Landlord cover?

So there you have it, several examples of the sometimes unexpected issues that can crop up and get in the way of you being able to arrange the cover that you need in order to cover the risks that you face as a property owner letting out their accommodation.

We will always go the extra mile to make sure that you obtain the cover that you need. Simply get in touch with our friendly team at Just Quote Me and let us show you how we are different!

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